From Clients:

“Becky has been great to work with and a huge help. She’s always quick, efficient, professional, and polite, and she’s taken a lot of extra work that I didn’t have time for off my plate. Before hiring Becky, I felt like I always had to choose between writing, marketing, and interacting with readers. Now I can focus on writing, take part in the aspects of marketing and reader interactions I enjoy, and leave the rest to Becky. She’s become an indispensable asset to my writing career.” Naomi Rawlings, Bestselling Author of the Eagle Harbor Series


“Becky is an author’s best friend. She is task-accomplisher, cheerleader, and extra brain. For the year she’s been assisting me, she has promptly and efficiently handled the minutia of my business, and she’s done so conscientiously and with tact. In addition, she is cognizant of how delicate an author’s name is and both protects and uplifts it, her goal being to promote the name of Christ by promoting Christian fiction. I honestly cannot imagine returning to a non-Becky world. Highly recommend!” Author April W Gardner, Award-winning Author of the Creek Country Saga


“Working with Becky has been such a blessing. My schedule became overloaded, and she helped to greatly reduce my stress load. Not only has Becky helped me stay in touch with my readers, get things organized, and connect me with reviewers and bloggers, but she has also been an encouragement, a prayer warrior, and a creative marketer. Becky comes up with unique and individualized ideas and really helps authors broaden their reach. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her for a long time to come.” Author Stephenia H. McGee, award-winning, bestseller author of The Whistle Walk.