Welcome to Author’s VA


Are you a busy author? Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • Time slated for the writing process is diverted to administrative tasks and marketing projects.
  • The deadline for the release of your next book is rapidly approaching and your to-do list is giving you nightmares.
  • Your street team needs to be managed, but it seems to fall to the bottom of the pile more often than not.
  • Critical social media channels are being underutilized or neglected.
  • A Facebook release party would be an asset to boost your work, but there is no time to schedule, prepare, or manage it.

If any of these apply to you, it could be time to engage a trusted resource to help with the administrative busywork and projects distracting you from your writing. Maybe it’s time to engage your own virtual assistant.

I have worked for years as an administrative assistant to vice presidents of major corporations and most recently worked with authors assisting them with administrative duties that keep them away from their writing.  As your Author’s VA, I will create a plan to assist you through all the phases of your project. As a knowledgeable virtual assistant, I will manage your administrative needs and boost your social media efforts, and I will guide the project towards a punctual publication date. List of services and pricing.

To initiate the onboarding process, please email me the details of your situation, and I will respond with a proposal created to solve the challenges you face.

Email me for more information.